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The META POWER TR is quite simply our version of what Trail really means; up, down, jump, play and repeat, again and again. We’ve concentrated on three main areas - liveliness, responsiveness and agility. It’s the perfect bike to get the most fun out of on the majority of trails around the world! With 150mm travel on the front and 140mm on the back, it's made for those who believe that having a playful bike whatever the terrain is the most important thing!

As an EMTB and ‘Gravity’ brand, we know that it is essential to collaborate with recognised component specialists. Equipping the META POWER 29 with the SHIMANO EP8 engine was therefore an obvious choice. Why?

- It has a high torque (85N.m) whilst power curves are optimised.
- The result is a softer bike for better grip control and more responsiveness to each pedal stroke.
- The 630Wh battery increases capacity tenfold, perfect for long days.
- The position of the engine is designed to be lower than the battery to the maximum and optimise weight distribution.

This META POWER TR marks a real difference with the META POWER. With this in mind, the geometry has been specifically studied with regards to the intended use of the bike:
- The seat angle (77.5°) and the steerer angle (64.5°) are relatively straight.
- The position is ideal for pedalling and tackling the most technical climbs.

In addition, our expertise in the field of suspension in recent years has allowed us to articulate the kinematics of the META POWER TR around the Contact System “4bar linkage” which is designed to offer:

- Liveliness and efficiency when pedalling.
- Precise touchdown.
- Comfort.
- Reduced fatigue on big impacts.

In addition to all this in-depth work, like on our META POWER TR, META SX and CLASH bikes, we now offer a "Flip Chip" on the shock absorber extension in order to more acutely adjust the geometry, and therefore fit your personal style! This system means you can influence the height of the bottom bracket as well as the steerer and saddle angles within seconds. Depending on what you want, effectively, you can choose between a lively bike perfect for big pedalling missions, or more progressive bike ideal for days in bike park or on more committed lines.

The finishes on this POWER TR have also been worked on with care. Details make the difference:
- The motor mount has incorporated one of the advantages of the new EP8: its reduced size.
- The engine protection has high impact resistance and it’s even better integrated into the general line of the bike thanks to a right side engine protection specific to META POWER.
- The charging connection is on the motor mount for easy access.
- The new more compact chain guide is also directly fixed to the engine mount.
- The routing on the chain stays has been reworked to avoid friction with frame paint.

POWER to our TRAILs!