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Our Kids range has become a real priority. Whatever their size and level, all kids will find a model in our range that suits them. The frames are specifically designed by our engineers and the components are chosen with the greatest of care. All this to best suit their body shape and so that they feel comfortable from their first rides.

In this Kids range we offer four options. With three of them (each available in several wheel sizes), the main difference is whether or not there is suspension. The fourth option is an e-bike.

Our RAMONES have a rigid frame and fork. Beyond the impact on the price of the bike, the absence of suspension allows for better performance, less weight and easy maintenance. They are perfect for discovering mountain biking and progressing without any questions asked.

The META HT Kids have a suspension fork. This fork, designed by us and produced by Manitou, achieves an unprecedented level of performance. We have succeeded in reducing friction as much as possible so that all of the travel is used, even on small impacts and for the smallest riders.

Finally, the CLASH Kids models are real players in the market for full suspension bikes. They have been thoroughly reviewed. Much more than an adult’s CLASH with a small frame, the kinematics have been exclusively designed for this frame. The suspension provides comfort and grip, whatever the obstacle and despite the light weight of the child.