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JUNIOR / 145-160 cm

The bikes in our (Junior) JR range all have 27.5-inch wheels. They are intended for young people with a height between 145cm and 160cm. Whether the bike is for a teenager or a shorter adult, it’s intended to be ridden hard. More than ever, no concessions are made on quality and performance of the frames and components.

In this JR category, we offer two options; a hard tail and a full suspension model.

The META HT JR is a frame specifically designed for small shapes. Besides that, it has big everything; a 150mm fork, SHIMANO brakes, SRAM 12-speed transmission and a 100mm telescopic seat post.

Much more than a small-framed CLASH, the kinematics have been specifically designed for this frame. The suspension brings comfort and grip whatever the size of obstacle, and despite the lighter weight compared to an adult. The 160mm Pike fork, 100mm telescopic seat post, SHIMANO disc brakes, 11-speed SHIMANO transmission and SPANK rims make it a real gravity bike, capable of tackling the most formidable enduro or DH races.

Find our 2021 and earlier models that are still available here.