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Our enduro bikes are as comfortable lining up at the start of a race as they are sending hard over a bunch of jumps. Natural trails or perfectly shaped bike park tracks, our META and CLASH bikes have DH in their genes.

The META V5 is our vision of MTB. It's a bike that's easy to handle, balanced, technically sound, lively, playful and pedal-efficient thanks to the new Virtual Contact System (VCS) kinematics. With 150mm travel the META V5 can be ridden whatever the mood of the moment and the rider can be confident that it will overcome any type of terrain. Sometimes a race bike, sometimes a trail bike, the META V5 is synonymous with versatility and ease, without neglecting performance.

The META SX V5 is driven before its ridden. The 165mm of travel is combined with our new Virtual Contact System (VCS) kinematics. Even more effective, it comes into its own when released in the bike park or on steep trails.
This is a bike for riders looking for an enduro bike that feels as close to a DH bike as possible.

The META SX V4… For Supercross! As the name suggests, it's a gravity bike made for committed riders who like to set the pace. Thanks to the different sized wheels (29/27.5-inch) it excels in the steeps and on natural terrain while remaining super lively for runs in the bike park. No compromises, it's all about the attack.

Our META AM V4 is the bike for riding fast, over long periods of time, with maximum energy conservation. The 29-inch wheels combined with specific geometry make it a stable and predictable bike. Particularly reliable, it’s a very safe bet whether you are racing or alone at your favourite trailhead.

The CLASH brings pure pleasure. Depending on the size of the jumps, your mood of the day or the terrain, you can adjust the kinematics and therefore the behaviour thanks to a specific insert. As a bonus, the timeless and clean lines hide a geometry that facilitates pedalling to access spots in the first place. Available in a ‘Park’ version and is part of the XS range for smaller people.